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Pictures of the sightseeing Introduction of the sightseeing
  Pingyao is the perfectly preserved old city, which is located at the centre of Shanxi province. It was built in the year of 827 B.C, and the present city is the one which was extended in the year of 1370. It is made up of the intact city wall, streets, temples, stores and the local people. The city covers 2.25 square kilometers and it was listed in the World Heritage Register in December
Pingyao City  
  Pingyao County Yamen is located at north of the centre of Yamen Street. And it covers about 26.6 thousand square meters with about 131 meters from east to west and about 203 meter from north to south. The architectural group is well organized and the layout is symmetrical. And it has been recorded in an old book in old dynasty.
County Yamen  

  Rishengchang Money Exchange Shop is suited at the south of the busiest section of the Xida Street in the city, covering an area of over 1700 square meters. The Money Exchange Shop has been rebuilt in 1995 and now it has been listed the China Museum of Money Exchange Shop. In addition, it collected, arranged and stored up a lot of historical information of other Money Exchange Shop in Pingyao and shanxi and other places in China and reflected the history and development of the Money Exchange Shop.

  Zhenguo Temple is suited in the Haodong County which is 12 meters away from the southeast of Pingyao city. Its former name is Jingcheng Temple and changed the name later. It covers 10892 square meters and architecture area is about 5thousand square meters. It was recognized the provincial preserved target in 1965.
Zhenguo Temple  
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